UCLA Women’s School Leadership Academy 2021


UCLA WSLA is a pioneering leadership program for women. It provides women leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to be more impactful educational leaders. The 10-month program goes beyond the K – 12 leadership basics to help women realize their own voices and to shape their own stories.

The program is the anchor of an academy that offers program graduates continuing options for networking and learning. Instructors are expert leaders in education. Keynote speakers are outstanding leaders in a variety of fields. The program embraces social justice and is designed for working professionals.

Its three strands are:

  • Communicating for impact
  • Navigating public and private lives
  • Effectively leading up and down

These strands are informed by four themes:

  • Leading as a woman
  • Making decisions considering multiple perspectives
  • Building relationships and cultivating mentors
  • Networking for career development


In WSLA, women learn from one another and from leaders through:

Three 2-Day Intensives: January 15-16, April 9-10, and November 5-6

Four Online Monday Evening (Small Group Sessions): March 1, June 7, August 2, and October 4

Four Saturday Mornings: February 6, May 1, July 10, and September 11

Sampling of Instructors and Topics

UCLA WLSA Flyer (pdf)

Why participate in UCLA WSLA?

Academy Write-up in Ampersand Magazine

UCLA WSLA Program Schedule and Application Information

WSLA Application Form (pdf)


For further information, contact Dr. Linda Rose at lrose@g.ucla.edu.