The SRM Evaluation Group is a part of the Social Research Methodology Division (SRM) of the University of California, Los Angeles Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Under the leadership of Dr. Marvin Alkin, UCLA Professor Emeritus, the cadre of SRM graduate students who staff the group all have specialized training in social science research methods and design, as well as a common interest in program evaluation. The group contributes to the advancement of program evaluation as a field in three specific ways: evaluation practice, research, and academic study.

Evaluation Practice: The SRM Evaluation Group engages in a variety of evaluation projects serving clients ranging from small, one-site non-profits to large urban school districts.

Research: The group holds bi-weekly evaluation discussion sessions that provide opportunities for in-depth exploration of theoretical issues framed within theory-practice concerns and serve as a stimulus for conceptual papers on evaluation.

Academic Study: The foundation of the SRM Evaluation Group’s academic activities is evaluation theory. The role of stakeholder involvement, evaluation use and influence, establishing causal links, and organizational capacity-building are examples of the kinds of theoretical issues and concerns at the forefront of the group’s academic study


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