The Certificate in Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Educational Research is offered by the Social Research Methodology Division (SRM) in the Department of Education. SRM is committed to the study and practice of methods of inquiry in educational and social research. The curriculum emphasizes conceptualization of applied problems, design and conduct of research and evaluation, development and application of new methodological techniques, and analysis and interpretation of data in the context of educational theory and practice. The division prepares individuals who can critically examine educational research and evaluation, develop data collection designs and instruments, and conduct conceptual and statistical analyses in education and the behavioral and social sciences.



The requirements of the Certificate in Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Educational Research consist of: i) submission of an application ii) completion of course work iii) class presentation and iv) attendance to at-least two SRM talks or open seminar sessions. Details are as follows:

i) Application: Submission of an application form including a statement of interest

ii) Completion of Course Work: Candidates for the certificate may choose six courses from the following courses in the Department of Education:

  • 211A. Educational and Psychological Measurement: Underlying Theory and Practice
  • 211B. Educational and Psychological Measurement: Generalizability Theory
  • 211C. Advanced Item Response Theory
  • 231A. Toolkit for Quantitative Methods Research
  • M231B. Factor Analysis
  • 231C. Analysis of Categorical and Other Nonnormal Data
  • 231D. Advanced Quantitative Models in Nonexperimental Research: Multilevel Analysis
  • M231E. Statistical Analysis with Latent Variables
  • 255 [A, B, C] Special Topics in Advanced Quantitative Methods

Candidates may also choose advanced quantitative methods courses from other departments on campus such as the departments Psychology, Statistics, Biostatistics, Sociology, Political Science and others with the approval of the SRM Division Head.

iii) Presentation: a presentation of independent work applying advanced quantitative methods to any educational area or problem. The presentation may take place in an open SRM talk or seminar (e.g. Brownbag, 299 series), or in an advanced quantitative methods course or seminar. The talk should be scheduled in advance and will be advertised to the division faculty and students.

iv) Participation in Talks and Seminars: The SRM division periodically holds open talks, presentations, and discussion sessions focused on research advances and issues related to research methodology and their application to education. These include the quarterly brownbag series, and additional guest speaker talks, and other occasional open seminars and presentations or discussion sessions. Candidates for the certificate should sign up for and attend two or more of these sessions and become part of the community of students, staff and faculty interested in research methodology and its application to education.



Interested candidates should fill out a short application form providing their biographical information, a brief statement of interest and a tentative plan of six courses. Admission to the certificate program will be granted based on an assessment of the student’s statement of interest and proposed course plan.


Award of Certificate

Upon completion of course work, a presentation, and attendance to two or more talks and seminar sessions, students submit transcripts (and a document of the presentation) to Amy Gershon, Director of the Office of Student Services to process the award of the certificate. Upon approval, the student will be invited to the next Social Research Methodology Division meeting for the award of the certificate.


For questions on the certificate, please contact Amy Gerhson at


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