The Department of Education offers a Certificate in Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Educational Research open to all UCLA graduate students.  Through a set of six courses, students will have an opportunity for in-depth exploration in the areas of data analysis (multilevel data analysis, structural equation modeling, analysis with latent variables), measurement (generalizability theory, item response theory, factor analysis) and design (causal inference, missing data, among others). Students may also focus on a particular area of advanced quantitative methodology of interest to them.

Requirements of the certificate include i) submission of an application form including a statement of interest, ii) successful completion of six courses from a list of approved courses in advanced quantitative methodology offered by the Department of Education–courses offered by other departments on campus (e.g. statistics, psychology, political science, bio-statistics, sociology) may be counted with the approval of the Division Head of the Social Research Methodology Division, iii) a class presentation applying advanced quantitative methods to any area of or problem in education (the presentation may be made in any SRM advanced quantitative methods course, or seminar) and iv) attendance to at-least two SRM open talks or seminar sessions. Upon fulfilment of the requirements, students will be awarded a certificate from the Social Research Methodology Division.

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