The Social Research Methodology (SRM) Division is committed to the study and practice of methods of inquiry in educational and social research. The M.A. and Ph.D. programs emphasize the design and conduct of research and evaluation, development and application of new techniques, analysis and interpretation of data in the context of theory and practice, and critical examination of research-based claims. We also offer a certificate program open to all UCLA graduate students. Our goal is to prepare individuals who can critically examine research and evaluation, develop data collection designs and instruments, and conduct conceptual and statistical analyses appropriate to the field of education as well as other behavioral and social sciences.

Division Head:

Jose-Felipe Martinez

Division Administrative Assistant:

Ronisa Wilkins Shoate

Division Graduate Advisor:

Amy Gershon

Student Representatives for 2020-2021: Eric Ho, Lindy Messer, Fernando Mora and Nadia Sabat Bass