UCLA’s Educational Leadership Program (ELP) was structured in 1993 to enhance the ability of Pre-K – 16 educators to lead and improve the outcomes in their own organizations.

As ELP approaches its 25th anniversary, it has continued to offer a program to cohorts of approximately 25 students that meets the needs of educators in Southern California.  Classes are held one evening a week and Saturdays.

Many of the 450+ graduates have gone on to lead independent schools, charter schools and public schools and school districts.  They have founded schools and led charter school organizations.  Some are presidents and vice presidents of community colleges.  They teach in teacher preparation programs, in schools, in colleges and universities.  They lead academic and student affairs efforts in colleges and universities.  Many have used their ELP dissertations to improve student outcomes.

ELP’s students benefit from being a student in the #3 public School of Education in the nation and from the wealth of resources available to UCLA students.

Program Co-Director: Linda Rose
Program Co-Director: Robert Rhoads
Student Affairs Officer: Shan Boggs

Administrative Coordinator: Judy Miyoshi

Phone: (310) 206-1673


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