Preparation for the Major
Two lower-division courses (EDUC 10 or EDUC 11 and EDUC 35) must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of “C” or better. Undergraduate students may repeat a total of 16 units, and only those courses in which they receive a grade of “C-” or lower. “NP” or “U” grades may be repeated to gain unit credit. Repetition of a course more than once requires the approval of the Dean and is granted only under extraordinary circumstances.

Each course must be taken for a letter grade. The upper-division Education courses must be completed with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0.

  • Two courses from each of the three Areas of Competency: (six courses total)
    1. Histories, Philosophies, and Foundations of Education
    2. Contexts of Teaching, Learning, and Development
    3. Inquiry and Design for Learning
  • EDUC 180 – Orientation to Community Engagement
  • EDUC 181 – Capstone in Education and Social Transformation
  • At least one additional course in Education for a minimum of 40 upper-division quarter units
  • Within those 40 units, one course satisfying the community engagement requirement