James Catterall
Moore Hall 3341
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521

James Catterall

Professor Emeritus


It is with great sadness that we share the following obituary for Dr. Catterall:



  • Ph.D., Educational Policy Analysis, Stanford University, 1982
  • M.A., Public Policy Analysis, University of Minnesota, 1973
  • A.B., Economics, Princeton University, 1970

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Arts and human development
  • Arts and neuroscience/brain structure and function
  • Evaluation of arts integration programs
  • Joining the visual and performance arts with academic subjects
  • Education policy implementation
  • Children at-risk of school failure

Selected Publications

Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art: A 12-year Longitudinal Study of Arts Education– Effects on the Achievements and Values of Young Adults. Los Angeles, CA: I-Group Books. 2009. (Second Printing, November 2009.) (Book information packet)

“Learning in the visual arts and the worldviews of young children: lessons from skid row.” Cambridge (UK) Journal of Education. (View Complete Publication)

“How Can Positive Research Findings Help a Policy Weakling.” Chicago Policy Review, June 2006. (View Complete Publication)

“Enhancing peer conflict resolution skills through drama: an experimental study.” In Press: Research in Drama Education, Fall 2006.

The Arts and Education: New Opportunities for Research. Washington, DC: The Arts Education Partnership and the American Educational Research Association, 2005. (View Complete Publication)