Federica Raia
Moore Hall 2335
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles , California 90095-1521

P: (310) 206-5458
E: raia@gseis.ucla.edu

Federica Raia

Assistant Professor in Residence


  • Ph.D., Geophysics and Volcanology, University Naples ‘Federico II’, Naples, Italy, 1997
  • Laurea (B.Sc./M.Sc.) in Geological Sciences, University of Naples ‘Federico II’ Naples, Italy, 1991

Teaching & Research Interests

Dr. Raia studies the complex adaptive processes of learning and constitution of meaning as person’s situated experiences in interaction with others. She studies them through the theoretical lenses of fundamental ontology, phenomenology of action and complexity theory:

  • The role of the self, of relationships, of multiple perspectives and knowledge and their interdependency in the context of encounters high-tech modern medicine
  • Phenomenology of action and skill acquisition in the context of high-tech modern medical practices
  • Learning in practice
  • How we come to understand complexity and processes of self-organization, adaptation, emergence
  • The role concepts of causality play in understandings complex systems

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Select Publications

Raia, F. and Deng, M. C. (2014). Relational Medicine: personalizing modern healthcare – the practice of high-tech medicine as a RelationalAct. Imperial College Press/World Scientific Publishing.

Raia, F. (2012), Emergence of a Learning Community: a Transforming experience at the boundaries. Cultural Studies of Science Education. DOI 10.1007/s11422-012-9434-y

Raia, F. (2012), Mechanisms, causality, and explanations in complex geodynamic systems, in Kastens, K.A., and Manduca, C.A., eds., Earth and Mind II: A Synthesis of Research on Thinking and Learning in the Geosciences: Geological Society of America Special Paper 486, doi:10.1130/2012.2486(20).

Raia, F. & Deng, C. M., (2011). Playful and mindful interactions in the recursive adaptations of the zone of proximal development: a critical complexity science approach. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 6(4), 903-914.

Deng M.C., Raia F. (2011).The Relational Act – A Model to improve the Practice of Medicine. In: Health, Illness, Disease – 9th Global Conference – Making Sense of: Health, Illness and Disease (Eds Vaccarella M, Deng M.C.). The Inter-Disciplinary Press Oxford 2010 .

Raia, F.  Causality in Complex Dynamic Systems: A Challenge in Earth Systems Science Education.Journal of Geoscience Education – 56, 81-94, 2008.