Miriam Posner
3318 Rolfe Hall

Miriam Posner

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D., Film Studies and American Studies, Yale University
  • Master of Philosophy in Film Studies and American Studies, Yale University
  • Master of Arts in Film Studies and American Studies, Yale University
  • B.A., History, Reed College

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Digital humanities
  • Digital labor
  • Infrastructure
  • Histories and theories of data
  • Data and global capital
  • Materialist feminism
  • Museums in the digital age


Depth Perception: Narrative and the Body in American Medical Filmmaking (under review)

“Khaki Fever, Charity Girls, and The End of the Road: Hostile Worlds of Sex and Commerce in an Early Sexual Hygiene Film,” forthcoming in Communicating Good Health: Movies, Medicine, and the Cultures of Risk in the Twentieth Century (University of Rochester, 2016)

No Half Measures: Overcoming Common Challenges to Doing Digital Humanities in the Library,” Journal of Library Administration 53:1 (January 2013)

“Think Talk Make Do: Power and the Digital Humanities,” Journal of Digital Humanities 1:2 (June 2012).

“Communicating Disease: Germ Theory and Narrative in Thomas Edison’s Red Cross Seal Films,” in Marsha Orgeron et al., Learning with the Lights Off: Educational Film in the United States (Oxford, 2011).

Digital Humanities (SPEC Kit #326) with Tim Bryson, Frances Maloy, Alain St. Pierre, and Stewart Varner, Association of Research Libraries, November 2011.

“Conventions of Display: Cultures of Exhibition in American Medicine,” Anastasia Filippoupoliti, ed., The Science Exhibition: Curation, Design, Communication (MuseumsEtc., 2010).

Book review. Stagestruck Filmmaker: D.W. Griffith and the American Theatre, by David Mayer, Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television 30:1 (Spring 2010).