Admissions Overview

This is where bold research and real-world solutions happen. This is where the movers and shakers are housed. This is where the next generation of education and information studies professionals are being prepared to address some of the most pressing challenges. And you could be one of them.

Information for Fall 2019

Upcoming online information sessions in early November can be found on pages below for MA/PhD in Education, Student Affairs, Teacher Education Program, and MLIS.

Videos for prospective applicants about the respective programs and the application process are found in the links below. We encourage you to view the video of the program in which you are interested in order to obtain valuable information.

Principal Leadership Institute will have on-campus Information Session Dates, click here.

Educational Leadership Program will have on-campus Information Session Dates, click here.


MA/PhD in Education Informational video, click here.

Student Affairs Informational video and information, click here.

Teacher Education Program Informational video, click here.


Master’s in Library and Information Science Informational video, click here.

PhD in Information Studies: Informational video, click here.


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