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Faculty in the News

John Rogers Named to California Action Team on Charter Schools

UCLA Professor of Education and director UCLA-IDEA will examine issues regarding charter schools and public education in California.

August 24, 2018
Information Studies Department

Ramesh Srinivasan: How Reliance on Technology is Changing Humanity

UCLA IS professor live-streamed international discussion examining impacts of technology on personal identity, relationships, health, and ethics.

September 4, 2018
UCLA Ed&IS Research Centers

CRESSTCON 2018: Xin Tao to Deliver Robert L. Linn Lecture, Oct. 2

Expert on educational assessment and equity from Beijing Normal University helped to design China’s National Assessment of Education Quality.

September 6, 2018
Faculty Op-Ed

Maryanne Wolf: Skimming While Reading Changes Critical Thinking and Empathy

Visiting professor directs the Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, and Social Justice; will speak on the need for new literacy in the digital age, Sept. 13 at UCLA.

September 7, 2018




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